Domestic and Sexual Violence

If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, we can complete and file the legal paperwork needed to obtain a Civil Protection Order from the court.  A parent, guardian, or other representative, may file on behalf of a child.

Obtaining a temporary Civil Protection Order usually takes about one to two business days from the time the petition for CPO is filed  in court after a hearing involving only the petitioner.

Later, a full hearing CPO will be issued after a hearing where both parties can testify.

Please note that filing for a Civil Protection Order is primarily to protect the victim from further abuse or harm by the Respondent.  It is not a criminal legal action to punish the other party.

How to Get Started

You can stop by our office for assistance, or you can visit Jessica's Place, located across from the courthouse, in the Tedi's of Samoa building, on the ground floor next to Western Union.  It is a safe space, confidential, and children friendly. They also have a computer lab.

Jessica's Place is an office of Back on Track, a nonprofit organization that provides support services for victim/survivors of domestic & sexual violence.  It is a peer-lead, trauma informed organization. They can get your legal paperwork started.  We coordinate with the to get your legal paperwork completed and filed with the court. One of our attorneys will then appear with you in court for the hearing.

They also provide. support groups, wellness and recovery programs, resources & referral as well as networking, partnerships and collaboration with other agencies, government and non-government (locally and internationally), working to end family violence.  

You can call them at  (684)  633-2222,  or email them at